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Raise x Take Off with HYROX #RoadTo76

Raise x Take Off has partnered with the world series of fitness racing, HYROX, to bring you a collection of 4 pop up training events to prepare you for their NYC race on June 1st at Pier 76.

HYROX has taken the fitness industry by storm creating a functional strength and running race, which is currently held at multiple cities across the globe. In short, this is a sport that truly everyone can get involved in! You can compete in singles, doubles or even a relay team of four.

Use these training opportunities with Raise x Take Off to learn more about HYROX. Challenge yourself by taking part in our unparalleled experience, but most importantly connect with like minded individuals who share the same passion for pushing and exceeding their limits.

The 3rd event is going to be Saturday, April 20th.

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