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At Raise & Take Off, our mission is to provide an inclusive and approachable fitness experience, recognizing the significance of movement for overall well-being and a resilient mindset. We foster a community where every member is encouraged to reach their full potential and unleash their inner athlete, guided by top fitness professionals from the UK and US, creating a truly unmatched training experience.




Wassim (Waz) Ashayer is a fitness professional and his achievements are extensive. Founder of pop-up fitness brand Raise LDN, Group Fitness Manager for global fitness brand Equinox, Trainer for leading on-demand fitness app FIIT and a brand ambassador for many leading fitness brands.
Waz comes from London and has recently moved to New York City. Following on from a successful modeling career, fitness is now his driving passion. He believes fitness is about inclusiveness, an experience, creating an enjoyable, fun environment. Try his classes at your own risk. Be careful, they are extremely addictive.
An experienced and business-minded individual with entrepreneurial flair, 34 year old Waz’s boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for what he does is reflected in his already highly successful career in the fitness industry.



Meghan is a Division 1 soccer player turned athletic strength and conditioning coach based in NYC. She is passionate about educating and guiding others how to perform optimally at work and in life. She believes everyone should train to be able to do the things they love, for as long as possible. Growing up with parents older than most grandparents, she was constantly reminded from a young age how precious life is, and how important it is to live in a body that functions for you and enhances your life rather than holds you back. 

Specializing in mobility, kettlebells, and athletic strength and conditioning—Meghan is currently head coach and CEO of her training business, Take Off with Meg; a holistic health and fitness brand with a mission to help others optimize their wellness through four main pillars: movement, mindset, nutrition, and sustainability.  Outside of training private clients around NYC, she coaches her methodology to corporate wellness and private clubs like Casa Cipriani, offers small group training, and represents many top brands in the industry. 

Founder & CEO: Take Off with Meg
Global Master Trainer: Technogym 
Head Coach: Gainful
Certifications: B.S. Exercise Physiology, NCSF CPT, SFG1, AF1, PN1, FRAm, CPR/AED
Featured in:  womenshealthmag, mindbodygreen, Popsugar, oxygenmagazine, betches, whoop, nytimes,


What to expect at a Raise x Take Off event:

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90-minute Dumbbell strength and conditioning workout

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Have an unforgettable experience in an iconic location

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Build relationships with other individuals and wellness brands

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