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At Raise & Take Off, our mission is to provide an inclusive and approachable fitness experience, recognizing the significance of movement for overall well-being and a resilient mindset. We foster a community where every member is encouraged to reach their full potential and unleash their inner athlete, guided by top fitness professionals from the UK and US, creating a truly unmatched training experience.

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I am a fitness coach based in NYC and the Founder & CEO of Take Off With Meg, a holistic health and fitness brand. With a degree in B.S. Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, my journey in the fitness industry began as a Division 1 Soccer Athlete at the University of Richmond. The best part of this experience was getting to apply everything I learned to my performance on the field and to my life. Following my undergraduate degree, I also earned the following certifications; Animal Flow L1, StrongFirst L1, Precision Nutrition 1, NCSF Certified Personal Trainer,and Functional Range Analyst (FRCm).


Meg is a Global Master Trainer of Technogym and has worked for Whoop, Mindbodygreen, Under Armour, Bandit Running.

Meg has been featured in Women’s Health, Shape,, Mindbodygreen, Under Armour,, and more


I come from London and have recently moved to New York City. Following on from a successful modeling career, fitness is now my driving passion. I believe fitness is about inclusiveness, an experience, creating an enjoyable fun environment.


Try my classes at your own risk, be careful, they are extremely addictive!


An experienced and business-minded individual with entrepreneurial flair, my boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for what I do is reflected in my already highly successful career in the fitness industry.


What to expect at a Raise x Take Off event:

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90-minute Dumbbell strength and conditioning workout

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Experience an unforgettable workout in an iconic location


Networking opportunities to meet and connect with other attendees 

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Upcoming Events:

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What should I bring to an event? Water bottle, athletic clothes, training shoes

Are there shower facilities? Locker rooms and showers are not guaranteed. Please check the specific event’s booking page for amenities information.

I work for a brand and would love to partner for an event. We love activating brands! Please send us an email at


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